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Grad College now requires that all UIUC grad students receive a yearly review and that these reviews be stored in the students' permanent records. To help us satisfy this requirement, Rebecca Wiltfong and Brad Butler developed a web-based evaluation application that consists of three parts:

An associate head evaluation of the student -- viewable by both the student and the advisor -- which the associate head will use to provide a brief summary of each student's progress towards satisfying the various Physics PhD degree requirements.  Throughout the year, I will complete evaluations of all physics grad students, indicating your progress towards the PhD degree.

A student self-evaluation, in which each student will be able to make a self-assessment of his/her academic, research, and teaching progress during the past year. Most of this self-evaluation will be viewable by the advisor, but there is a comment section that can only be seen by the associate head.

An advisor evaluation of the student, in which the advisor will provide an assessment of the student's yearly research and academic progress. Again, most of the advisor evaluation will be viewable by the student, but there is also a comment section that can only be seen by the associate head.

To access and complete your yearly evaluation, please follow the following steps:

(i) To access your evaluations, log into MyPhysics, look under Grad Student Toolbox (left side of the page), and click on the link "Ph.D. Self-Evaluation Student Input Screen (Physics)" under Evaluations. This will take you to the on-line self-evaluation form. Before completing the form, it is important that you verify that the thesis advisor listed for you is correct. Please let me know as soon as possible if the thesis advisor listed for you is incorrect, and e-mail me the name of your correct thesis advisor so we can correct the record.

(ii) Once you've verified that the thesis advisor listed for you is correct, please complete the self-evaluation at your earliest convenience, but before August 15 for the Fall term. You can save your work on the evaluation at any time, without finalizing your self-evaluation, by clicking on "Save Evaluation". This will allow you to return to your evaluation later to make changes or additions.  Starting in 2016, student self-evaluations are mandatory and Fall appointments won't be generated until the self evaluations are completed.

(iii) When you're finished with your self-evaluation, click on the "Complete" box. This action will create a permanent record of your self-review that you will not be able to change. Additionally, clicking on the "Complete" box will cause an e-mail message to be sent to your advisor, which will include a link to the sections of your self-evaluation that are viewable by your advisor. You can complete a new self-evaluation each term (Fall, Spring, and Summer), but the Grad College only requires a yearly evaluation.

When your advisor completes his or her evaluation of you, you will also be sent an e-mail containing a link that will allow you to see those sections of your advisor's evaluation that you are allowed to view. You can also access your advisor's and associate head's evaluations on your MyPhysics page, under Grad Student Toolbox, using the "Ph.D. Student Evaluation Feedback (Physics)" link under Evaluations.

Again, to complete your evaluation for the Fall term, you must complete your self-evaluation before August 15. Please contact Lance Cooper if you have any questions about this yearly review requirement or the evaluation application.

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