M.S. in Physics Degree Requirements

The Illinois Physics Department does not admit students for a "terminal" Master of Science (MS) degree program. However, students admitted to the Physics Department as PhD seeking students can also get an M.S. in Physics on the way to completing the PhD requirements.

Requirements for the M.S. in Physics degree: The Graduate College requires 32 hours of satisfactory course work (minimum GPA 2.75/4.00) for the Master of Science degree. All 32 hours must involve 400- or 500-level courses, and 12 of the 32 hours must involve 500-level courses.

Additionally, the Dept. of Physics requires that 16 of the 32 hours must be Physics courses, and 8 of these 16 courses must involve 500-level Physics courses. At most 8 hours of "Individual Study" (Physics 597 or Physics 599) may be counted toward the MS degree.

A thesis is NOT required for an M.S. degree in Physics, and there is no special oral or written examination required for the M.S. in Physics degree, as the M.S. program is designed only for students seeking a PhD in Physics.

Time to Degree: Most physics students take 9-12 hours per semester plus 4 to 8 hours in the summer, so the credit requirement for the M.S. in Physics degree can usually be fulfilled in approximately 1.5 - 2 years.

Once the degree requirements are satisfied, to receive the MS in Physics degree, students need to fill out a petition to have the MS curriculum added to their record that must be approved by the advisor and the Associate Head for Graduate Programs. For more information about the MS in Physics program, contact the Associate Head for Graduate Programs Lance Cooper (slcooper@illinois.edu, 227 Loomis, 217-333-3645).

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