M. Eng. Projects

As the inaugural year of the M.Eng. program approaches, we are actively looking to identify industrial partners who will suggest investigations that will be appropriate for our students. We want projects that combine hardware and software, both for a data acquisition control system and an offline analysis package.

An ideal project would be an embedded system managing a cluster of sensors, along with an enclosure that allows installation on a factory floor.

Our experience with the senior design course Physics 371 informs our understanding of how to structure a project-based master’s program. The Physics 371 projects have always covered a wide range of fields. Here are some of the most interesting:

  • Acoustic properties of the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts symphonic hall.
  • Mapping track irregularities and anomalous accelerations on Amtrak trains.
  • Drone-borne heat loss measurements.
  • Methane production by livestock.
  • Effective battery energy capacity as a function of temperature and discharge current.
  • Radio-linked environmental/bio sensor backpacks for firefighters.
  • Prospects for real-time tuning of outdoor music performance venues using radio-linked vector anemometers.
  • Studies of piano overtone spectra.
  • Pulse oximeter calibration studies.

Review a more complete list of previous projects.