Physics - IQUIST Seminar

Fall 2021

IQUIST seminar: Simulating many-body physics using quantum tensor networks
IQUIST seminar: Listening to the Sound of Entanglement
IQUIST seminar: Resolving starlight: a quantum perspective
IQUIST seminar: Quantum Information and Secure Computation
IQUIST seminar: Quantum Internet: From a physics experiment to a quantum network system
IQUIST seminar: Quantum communication with semiconductor quantum dots presented by Christian Schimpf 
IQUIST seminar: Chemically Enabled Atomistic Design of Quantum Systems, presented by Danna Freedman
IQUIST seminar: Local Simultaneous State Discrimination presented by Christian Schaffner

IQUIST seminar: "Local Simultaneous State Discrimination" presented by Christian Schaffner

Christian Schaffner, Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam

IQUIST seminar:  Quantum Measurement Engines Andrew Jordan

IQUIST seminar: "Quantum Measurement Engines" Andrew Jordan

Andrew Jordan, Professor, Co-Director, Institute for Quantum Studies, Chapman University

IQUIST seminar: Quantum optomechanics in interferometry and transduction, presented by Cindy Regal

IQUIST seminar: "Quantum optomechanics in interferometry and transduction", presented by Cindy Regal

Cindy Regal, Associate Professor of Physics, JILA Fellow, University of Colorado

IQUIST seminar: Quantum many-body physics with atoms and photons presented by Ana Asenjo-Garcia
IQUIST all-hands meeting