Rebecca Wiltfong

Director of Information Management


Rebecca Wiltfong
301A Loomis Laboratory


As the Director of Information Management for the Department of Physics, she is responsible for all areas of the department functioning well.  There are custom-built systems for different areas of the department from billing systems to support the functioning of the Liquid Helium Facility, and the Machine Shop to a myriad of custom-built systems to support a clean, streamlined workflow for the Undergraduate and Graduate offices to ensure student data is kept secure.  The department services more than 4000 engineering students every semester in addition to the more than 500 physics majors.

Her role is to facilitate communication between various people within the department, as well as coordinate with personnel in outside units on the department's behalf within the Information Technology realm.  She also works with faculty, staff and students in developing new websites and internal workflow processes.

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The Department of Physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has presented three staff members with the Gary Kelly Staff Excellence Award, recognizing exceptional job performance and dedication in support of departmental goals. Marjorie Gamel, Rebecca Wiltfong, and Wendy Wimmer are the inaugural recipients. The award was presented to the three at the 2019 Fall Physics Reception, held October 24, 2019, at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center. The award comprises a commemorative plaque and $2,000 for each recipient.