PHYS 326 - Classical Mechanics II

Spring 2023

Classical Mechanics IIPHYS326A38582LEC31230 - 1350 T R  144 Loomis Laboratory Ido Golding
Classical Mechanics IIPHYS326D058900DIS01700 - 1750 W    Anthony Eugene Mirasola
Classical Mechanics IIPHYS326D138584DIS01800 - 1850 W    Anthony Eugene Mirasola
Classical Mechanics IIPHYS326D238585DIS01900 - 1950 W    Anthony Eugene Mirasola
Classical Mechanics IIPHYS326D338586DIS02000 - 2050 W    Anthony Eugene Mirasola

Official Description

Continuation of PHYS 325. Central force motion, collisions and scattering, rotational motion, coupled oscillations, continuous media, and fluid dynamics. Course Information: Prerequisite: PHYS 325. Class Schedule Information: Register for the lecture and one of the discussion sections.