Celebrating Vijay Symposium

September 29-30, 2006

A symposium celebrating the life and science of Professor Vijay Pandharipande, August 7, 1940 - January 3, 2006 in Loomis Laboratory of Physics, Urbana, Illinois.

This symposium celebrated the life and contributions of Vijay Pandharipande, our dear friend and colleague, who unfortunately passed away in January 2006. Vijay was the leading figure of his generation in the development of the nuclear many-body problem. His seminal research program to describe nuclear systems in terms of elementary two and three-body interactions of the constituent nucleons lead to a state-of-the-art comprehensive, quantitative and reliable theory of nuclei, neutron matter, and neutron stars, as well as strongly interacting atomic and condensed matter systems. Vijay remained throughout his life the center of a close scientific family, including the new generation of nuclear and many-particle theorists he trained, and his other coworkers. This symposium was intended to bring together his scientific family and other friends, not only to overview his manifold contributions, but to look forward to nuclear and condensed matter physics made all the richer by Vijay.

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