PHYS 394 - Pedagogy Teaching Physics

Spring 2022

Pedagogy Teaching PhysicsPHYS394LA172352LCD21600 - 1720 T  158 Loomis Laboratory Maggie Mahmood
Pedagogy Teaching PhysicsPHYS394LA273793LCD21600 - 1720 T  32 Loomis Laboratory Morten Lundsgaard

Official Description

Designed to support Learning Assistants (LAs) who are working as instructional aids in lab or discussion sections of the introductory physics courses. Students will study pedagogical strategies for instructor-student interaction and philosophies guiding lab design and/or discussion problem creation. Course Information: Prerequisite: Instructor Approval Required. Lab LAs must have successfully completed PHYS 101, PHYS 102, PHYS 211, or PHYS 212. Discussion LAs must have successfully completed PHYS 100 and PHYS 211.