Excellent Teachers

Each semester, the University's Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning polls our toughest critics, the students who take Physics classes, asking them to assess the skills and effectiveness of their teachers. Only the very best make this list.

Adshead, PeterFaculty326
Bradlyn, BarryFaculty212
Cooper, S LanceFaculty596
Draper, Patrick IFaculty427
Elliott, Celia MFaculty496
Evans, BillFaculty101
Filippini, Jeffrey PFaculty214
Lorenz, VirginiaFaculty403
Mahmood, MaggieFaculty211
Makins, Naomi C RFaculty487
Mason, NadyaFaculty496
Song, JunFaculty598
Van Harlingen, Dale JFaculty498
Abboud, NickTeaching Assistant225
Allen, James ZTeaching Assistant212
Arnold, NathanTeaching Assistant211
Basa, BoraTeaching Assistant213,214
Birnbaum, Reuven IsaacTeaching Assistant211
Boyd, Christian MonteTeaching Assistant101
Chandramouli, RohitTeaching Assistant211
Chang, YueqingTeaching Assistant214
Chatterjee, PurbaTeaching Assistant214
Chertkov, EliTeaching Assistant487
Cote, Alexandra NTeaching Assistant211
Dhruv, Vedant KetanTeaching Assistant101
Ding, YuTeaching Assistant212
Engblom, Samuel WalterTeaching Assistant102
Gaidau, CristianTeaching Assistant486
Ganesan, VishalTeaching Assistant213,214
Germany, ChadTeaching Assistant211
Gill, Stephen ThomasTeaching Assistant211
Graham-Bailey, RobesonTeaching Assistant211
Gupta, VaibhavTeaching Assistant102
Gysbers, Daniel JohnTeaching Assistant212
Hamilton, GregTeaching Assistant212
Han, ChongTeaching Assistant214
Hickl, Vincent Enno ThomasTeaching Assistant211
Hirsbrunner, Mark RobertTeaching Assistant212
Howland, Porter BenjaminTeaching Assistant213,214
Inafuku, Daniel ATeaching Assistant213,214
Johnson, Thomas ArthurTeaching Assistant212
Joshi, Abhishek VidyadharTeaching Assistant102
Kengle, Caitlin SophiaTeaching Assistant213,214
Langeslay, BlakeTeaching Assistant213
Lee, DavidTeaching Assistant211
Liu, GengmingTeaching Assistant213,214
Lynch, MichaelTeaching Assistant213,214
Mansingh, SiddharthTeaching Assistant101
May-Mann, Julian FTeaching Assistant486
McKay, Robert Clark, IITeaching Assistant225
Meredith, Logan TateTeaching Assistant211
Mezzasoma, SimoneTeaching Assistant101
Moy, BenjaminTeaching Assistant212
Mozafarishamsi, TaherehTeaching Assistant212
O'Boyle, Michael FrancisTeaching Assistant102
Owen, Caroline BrightTeaching Assistant102
Passias, Vasilios KTeaching Assistant436
Qu, OscarTeaching Assistant101
Raghavan, ArjunTeaching Assistant212
Ralegankar, PranjalTeaching Assistant211
Rangel, Jacob JoseTeaching Assistant100
Rebei, AdnanTeaching Assistant212
Rhyno, Brendan DouglasTeaching Assistant427
Salners, Tyler MichaelTeaching Assistant212
Schumacher, Kristen ElisabethTeaching Assistant101
Shafer, Devyn ETeaching Assistant100
Sickle, Jordan JTeaching Assistant401
Song, XiangyuTeaching Assistant211
Subramanyan, VarshaTeaching Assistant212
Thibodeau, MatthewTeaching Assistant212
Wild, Drew GlennTeaching Assistant211
Williams, Kiel TroyTeaching Assistant212
Xu, DongTeaching Assistant101
Yuan, Jimmy BoTeaching Assistant213,214
Zakrzewski, Alexander VTeaching Assistant211
Zhang, MuxinTeaching Assistant102