Excellent Teachers

Each semester, the University's Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning polls our toughest critics, the students who take Physics classes, asking them to assess the skills and effectiveness of their teachers. Only the very best make this list.

Brendal, Brockton StanleyFaculty101
Colla, Eugene VFaculty403
Cooper, S LanceFaculty596
Elliott, Celia MFaculty496
Filippini, Jeffrey PFaculty401
Holder, GilbertFaculty325
Hughes, Taylor LFaculty598
Lorenz, VirginiaFaculty403
Mason, NadyaFaculty496
Shelton, JessieFaculty598
Stelzer, TimFaculty211
Vishveshwara, SmithaFaculty485
Wagner, Lucas K.Faculty213, 214
Alam, FaisalTeaching Assistant213, 214
Arya, ShreyaTeaching Assistant213, 214
Bauer, AdamTeaching Assistant102
Beach, Alexander RTeaching Assistant212
Belkin, Daniel Micah OreillyTeaching Assistant211
Bista, AayamTeaching Assistant211
Campbell, JenniferTeaching Assistant100
Cao, JunyiTeaching Assistant212
Ceyhan, Fikret AliTeaching Assistant212
Chandramouli, RohitTeaching Assistant212
Cordeiro, IanTeaching Assistant211
Cote, Alexandra NTeaching Assistant100
Cross, SamTeaching Assistant212
Echevers, JohnyTeaching Assistant101
Ganesan, VishalTeaching Assistant214
Gibson, JaredTeaching Assistant102
Gliozzi, JacopoTeaching Assistant212
Golba, Grzegorz SylwesterTeaching Assistant212
Goldman, SamuelTeaching Assistant101
Hamilton, GregTeaching Assistant212
Housenga, Mason RayTeaching Assistant211
Howland, PorterTeaching Assistant213, 214
Jenike, BrianTeaching Assistant212
Joshi, SonaliTeaching Assistant211
Klinger, MarcTeaching Assistant212
Kodumagulla, AbhiTeaching Assistant211
Kunapuli, NikhilTeaching Assistant214
Lahert, ShaunTeaching Assistant213
Langeslay, BlakeTeaching Assistant213, 214
Lawson, AlexTeaching Assistant100
Manning-Coe, DmitryTeaching Assistant212
May-Mann, Julian FTeaching Assistant486
Mezzasoma, SimoneTeaching Assistant213, 214
Miller, Timothy CurtinTeaching Assistant211
Mollenhauer, MichaelTeaching Assistant102
Mozafarishamsi, TaherehTeaching Assistant213, 214
Nakib, Mayisha ZebTeaching Assistant101
O'Boyle, Michael FrancisTeaching Assistant325
Owen, Randy AllenTeaching Assistant102
Paladugu, SaiTeaching Assistant401
Rai, AkashTeaching Assistant211
Schumacher, Kristen ElisabethTeaching Assistant213, 214
Schur, EzraTeaching Assistant211
Shaw, Elle ClaireTeaching Assistant214
Shinn, Eric JoonTeaching Assistant212
Skye, Carissa SiemsTeaching Assistant212
Slattery, LucasTeaching Assistant211
Song, XiangyuTeaching Assistant211
Stover, MadelineTeaching Assistant101
Suresh Babu, SooryaTeaching Assistant211
Vijay, AkashTeaching Assistant212
Waite, EmilyTeaching Assistant212
Zakrzewski, Alexander VTeaching Assistant213, 214
Zhang, ShuyiTeaching Assistant225