Excellent Teachers

Each semester, the University's Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning polls our toughest critics, the students who take Physics classes, asking them to assess the skills and effectiveness of their teachers. Only the very best make this list.

Aksimentiev, AlekseiFaculty211
Clark, Bryan KFaculty498
Colla, Eugene VFaculty403
Cooper, S LanceFaculty596
Elliott, Celia MFaculty496
Grosse Perdekamp, MatthiasFaculty496
Holder, GilbertFaculty211
Hughes, Taylor LFaculty460
Kuehn, SeppeFaculty102
Lorenz, VirginiaFaculty403
Makins, Naomi C RFaculty326
Selen, Mats AFaculty101
Shelton, JessieFaculty427
Stelzer, Timothy JFaculty211
Vishveshwara, SmithaFaculty485
Abboud, NickTeaching Assistant212
Aishwarya, AnuvaTeaching Assistant211
Biava, DominicTeaching Assistant402
Bolan, Kathleen AnneTeaching Assistant101
Buncher, Brandon MarkTeaching Assistant212
Cao, GotenTeaching Assistant212
Claes, Jahan AdenTeaching Assistant326
Coleman, John PatrickTeaching Assistant100
Ehrlich, Gabriel SimonTeaching Assistant101
Engblom, Samuel WalterTeaching Assistant101
Ferrante, Andrew CTeaching Assistant212
Gaidau, CristianTeaching Assistant486
Gloudemans, James MartinTeaching Assistant486
Gopalakrishnappa, ChandanaTeaching Assistant213, 214
Gutmann, Brianne NicoleTeaching Assistant100
Hamilton, Gregory AustinTeaching Assistant212
Han, BoTeaching Assistant487
Hickl, Vincent Enno ThomasTeaching Assistant212
Highman, Michael AnthonyTeaching Assistant212
Johnson, Spencer JamesTeaching Assistant212
Johnson, Thomas ArthurTeaching Assistant212
Karydas, ManthosTeaching Assistant225
Khader, Mazin WoodrowTeaching Assistant213, 214
Kish, Lazar LaszloTeaching Assistant212
Kochkov, DmitriiTeaching Assistant325
Kowalski, Nicholas EdwardTeaching Assistant213, 214
Kuchibhotla, AdithyaTeaching Assistant211
Lahert, ShaunTeaching Assistant212
Lam, Albert Chun-YuanTeaching Assistant101
Langley, Brandon WTeaching Assistant325
Lee, DavidTeaching Assistant211
Leistico, Jacob RTeaching Assistant212
Lennox, Amber Rose ElizabethTeaching Assistant211
Leong, ZhidongTeaching Assistant213, 214
Levy, RyanTeaching Assistant211
Li, YaoTeaching Assistant102
Luo, DiTeaching Assistant212
Lynch, MichaelTeaching Assistant213, 214
May-Mann, Julian FTeaching Assistant211
McFaul, Louis William, IVTeaching Assistant214
Miller, Timothy CurtinTeaching Assistant100
Morales, Jeremy MTeaching Assistant211
Munoz, Alexander ReedTeaching Assistant102
Neulinger, Thomas ErnestTeaching Assistant214
Nguyen, VivianaTeaching Assistant213. 214
O'Boyle, Michael FrancisTeaching Assistant214
Oolman, Kathleen BrookeTeaching Assistant211
Paladugu, SaiTeaching Assistant212
Passias, Vasilios KTeaching Assistant435
Pathak, Shivesh AnandaTeaching Assistant213, 214
Prather, BenTeaching Assistant102
Rebei, AdnanTeaching Assistant211
Rhyno, Brendan DouglasTeaching Assistant101
Rito, Thomas AndrewTeaching Assistant213, 214
Romero Hernandez, Anabel CristinaTeaching Assistant211
Salazar-Lazaro, Carlos HaroldTeaching Assistant212
Salners, Tyler MichaelTeaching Assistant212
Scully, Timothy RTeaching Assistant212
Shafer, Devyn ETeaching Assistant101
Shu, LiTeaching Assistant102
Sickle, Jordan JTeaching Assistant401
Song, XiangyuTeaching Assistant212
Subramanyan, VarshaTeaching Assistant225
Tirupattur Ramamurthy, SrinidhiTeaching Assistant211
Tuegel, ThomasTeaching Assistant212
Vanacore, GarrettTeaching Assistant427
Velury, SaavanthTeaching Assistant211
Villalonga Correa, BenjaminTeaching Assistant435
Yuan, Jimmy BoTeaching Assistant211
Zakrzewski, Alexander VTeaching Assistant211
Zhang, ShuyiTeaching Assistant212