PHYS 597

PHYS 597 - Individual Study (Graduate)

Fall 2022

Individual StudyPHYS597010150IND1 -    
Individual StudyPHYS597AA25152IND1 -    Aleksei Aksimentiev
Individual StudyPHYS597AB25007IND1 -    Alexey Bezryadin
Individual StudyPHYS597AGS70852IND1 -     Alexander Schwing
Individual StudyPHYS597AJL25132IND1 -    Tony Leggett
Individual StudyPHYS597ALF62617IND1 -    Andrew Ferguson
Individual StudyPHYS597AMS64407IND1 -    Anne M Sickles
Individual StudyPHYS597ANH62146IND1 -    Anil Nirmal Hirani
Individual StudyPHYS597AS65783IND1 -    Andre Schleife
Individual StudyPHYS597AST74307IND1 -    Antonia Statt
Individual StudyPHYS597AXE25217IND1 -    Aida X El-Khadra
Individual StudyPHYS597BB71153IND1 -    Barry Bradlyn
Individual StudyPHYS597BDF25032IND1 -    Brian Fields
Individual StudyPHYS597BDW25087IND1 -    Benjamin D Wandelt
Individual StudyPHYS597BG67491IND1 -    Bryce Gadway
Individual StudyPHYS597BH63919IND1 -    Benjamin Hooberman
Individual StudyPHYS597BJM25219IND1 -    Benjamin McCall
Individual StudyPHYS597BKC63066IND1 -    Bryan K Clark
Individual StudyPHYS597BLD25078IND1 -    Brian Leeds DeMarco
Individual StudyPHYS597BTC25112IND1 -    Brian T Cunningham
Individual StudyPHYS597BUD25110IND1 -    Raffi Budakian
Individual StudyPHYS597CFG25028IND1 -    Charles Forbes Gammie
Individual StudyPHYS597CKR77598IND1 -    Caroline Kathrin Riedl
Individual StudyPHYS597CLO72712IND1 -    Citlali Lopez-Ortiz
Individual StudyPHYS597CP75887IND1 -    Cristian Proistosescu
Individual StudyPHYS597CP276463IND1 -    Cristian Proistosescu
Individual StudyPHYS597CYL25151IND1 -    Chen-Yu Liu
Individual StudyPHYS597DC25022IND1 -     David Cahill
Individual StudyPHYS597DC172581IND1 -    Davide Curreli
Individual StudyPHYS597DDJ25115IND1 -    Duane Douglas Johnson
Individual StudyPHYS597DHB25227IND1 -    Douglas H Beck
Individual StudyPHYS597DJV25114IND1 -    Dale Van Harlingen
Individual StudyPHYS597DMC25108IND1 -    David Ceperley
Individual StudyPHYS597DPS76487IND1 -    Daniel P. Shoemaker
Individual StudyPHYS597DT25014IND1 -    Dallas Trinkle
Individual StudyPHYS597EC76612IND1 -     Eric Chitambar
Individual StudyPHYS597EE65830IND1 -    Elif Ertekin
Individual StudyPHYS597EG273878IND1 -    Elizabeth Goldschmidt
Individual StudyPHYS597EHE73958IND1 -    Eliu Huerta Escudero
Individual StudyPHYS597EHF25069IND1 -    Eduardo H Fradkin
Individual StudyPHYS597EP25005IND1 -    Eric Pop
Individual StudyPHYS597EPK76350IND1 -    Eric Kuo
Individual StudyPHYS597ES71142IND1 -     Edward Seidel
Individual StudyPHYS597ET69671IND1 -    Emad Tajkhorshid
Individual StudyPHYS597FM72699IND1 -    Fahad Mahmood
Individual StudyPHYS597GAB25035IND1 -    Gordon Baym
Individual StudyPHYS597GB72483IND1 -    Gaurav Bahl
Individual StudyPHYS597GDG25024IND1 -    George Gollin
Individual StudyPHYS597GEG25143IND1 -    Gary E Gladding
Individual StudyPHYS597GH69621IND1 -    Gilbert Holder
Individual StudyPHYS597GJ70968IND1 -    Gabriel Juarez
Individual StudyPHYS597GLN72788IND1 -    Gabriele La Nave
Individual StudyPHYS597GT24999IND1 -    Gregory L Timp
Individual StudyPHYS597HW76465IND1 -    Helvi Witek
Individual StudyPHYS597IG25020IND1 -    Ido Golding
Individual StudyPHYS597JAR25175IND1 -    John A Rogers
Individual StudyPHYS597JC76174IND1 -    Jacob P. Covey
Individual StudyPHYS597JCL25009IND1 -    Josh Long
Individual StudyPHYS597JCP24997IND1 -    Jen-Chieh Peng
Individual StudyPHYS597JDS25188IND1 -    John D Stack
Individual StudyPHYS597JHW25195IND1 -    John H Weaver
Individual StudyPHYS597JJT25149IND1 -    Jon J Thaler
Individual StudyPHYS597JLN76579IND1 -    Jorge Leite Noronha Jr
Individual StudyPHYS597JNE25160IND1 -    James N Eckstein
Individual StudyPHYS597JNH72701IND1 -     Jaki Noronha-Hostler
Individual StudyPHYS597JOD67495IND1 -    James Patrick O'Dwyer
Individual StudyPHYS597JP65649IND1 -     Prashant Jain
Individual StudyPHYS597JPF67481IND1 -    Jeffrey P Filippini
Individual StudyPHYS597JPL25073IND1 -    Jean-Pierre Leburton
Individual StudyPHYS597JS63915IND1 -    Jessie Shelton
Individual StudyPHYS597JV63603IND1 -     Joaquin Vieira
Individual StudyPHYS597KAD25036IND1 -    Karin A Dahmen
Individual StudyPHYS597KDC60445IND1 -    Kent D Choquette
Individual StudyPHYS597KIE25200IND1 -    Susan Kieffer
Individual StudyPHYS597KJ70834IND1 -    Kejie Fang
Individual StudyPHYS597KLK62896IND1 -    Kay Kirkpatrick
Individual StudyPHYS597KOU76556IND1 -    Angela Kou
Individual StudyPHYS597KSS25041IND1 -     Ken Schweizer
Individual StudyPHYS597KTP25121IND1 -    Kevin Pitts
Individual StudyPHYS597LHG25118IND1 -    Laura H Greene
Individual StudyPHYS597LIY59778IND1 -    Liang Yang
Individual StudyPHYS597LKW61989IND1 -    Lucas K. Wagner
Individual StudyPHYS597MAC61826IND1 -    Gregory MacDougall
Individual StudyPHYS597MAS25084IND1 -    Mats A Selen
Individual StudyPHYS597MCK76367IND1 -    Matias Carrasco Kind
Individual StudyPHYS597MES25229IND1 -    Jose Mestre
Individual StudyPHYS597MG25097IND1 -    Matthew Gilbert
Individual StudyPHYS597MGP25095IND1 -    Matthias Grosse Perdekamp
Individual StudyPHYS597MHG25212IND1 -    Martin Gruebele
Individual StudyPHYS597MHN25223IND1 -    Munir H Nayfeh
Individual StudyPHYS597MJ69848IND1 -    Marius Junge
Individual StudyPHYS597MN25101IND1 -    Mark Neubauer
Individual StudyPHYS597MS25139IND1 -    Michael Stone
Individual StudyPHYS597MSS25025IND1 -    Moonsub Shim
Individual StudyPHYS597NA76489IND1 -    Narendra Ahuja
Individual StudyPHYS597NCM25147IND1 -    Naomi C R Makins
Individual StudyPHYS597NDG25207IND1 -    Nigel Goldenfeld
Individual StudyPHYS597NEJ76582IND1 -    Nick Jackson
Individual StudyPHYS597NKD62393IND1 -    Neal Krishnakant Dalal
Individual StudyPHYS597NM25221IND1 -    Nancy Makri
Individual StudyPHYS597NMA25176IND1 -    Nadya Mason
Individual StudyPHYS597NY72607IND1 -    Nicolas Yunes
Individual StudyPHYS597PA64381IND1 -    Peter Adshead
Individual StudyPHYS597PD71262IND1 -    Patrick I Draper
Individual StudyPHYS597PDD77918IND1 -    Peter D Dragic
Individual StudyPHYS597PDF72728IND1 -    Philippe Di Francesco
Individual StudyPHYS597PES60802IND1 -    Peter E Schiffer
Individual StudyPHYS597PGK25093IND1 -    Paul G Kwiat
Individual StudyPHYS597PMA25153IND1 -    Peter Abbamonte
Individual StudyPHYS597PMR25136IND1 -    Paul Milton Ricker
Individual StudyPHYS597PP25202IND1 -    Philip W Phillips
Individual StudyPHYS597PS25016IND1 -    Paul Selvin
Individual StudyPHYS597PSC59300IND1 -     P. Scott Carney
Individual StudyPHYS597PVB25124IND1 -    Paul V. Braun
Individual StudyPHYS597RGL25171IND1 -     Rob Leigh
Individual StudyPHYS597RJB25154IND1 -    Robert J Brunner
Individual StudyPHYS597RK25150IND1 -    Rinat Kedem
Individual StudyPHYS597RLW25220IND1 -    Richard L Weaver
Individual StudyPHYS597RWG25000IND1 -     Russ Giannetta
Individual StudyPHYS597SB25233IND1 -    Stephen Boppart
Individual StudyPHYS597SG25158IND1 -    Steve Granick
Individual StudyPHYS597SH76354IND1 -    Sascha Hilgenfeldt
Individual StudyPHYS597SJ163457IND1 -    Jun Song
Individual StudyPHYS597SJK76357IND1 -    Sangjin Kim
Individual StudyPHYS597SK63961IND1 -    Seppe Kuehn
Individual StudyPHYS597SLC25106IND1 -    S Lance Cooper
Individual StudyPHYS597SLS25010IND1 -    Stuart L. Shapiro
Individual StudyPHYS597SM67457IND1 -    Sergei Maslov
Individual StudyPHYS597SME25191IND1 -    Steven Michael Errede
Individual StudyPHYS597SSW25081IND1 -    Scott Willenbrock
Individual StudyPHYS597SXU59404IND1 -    Shinsei Ryu
Individual StudyPHYS597TCC25225IND1 -    Tai-Chang Chiang
Individual StudyPHYS597TCM25011IND1 -     Telemachos Mouschovias
Individual StudyPHYS597TEK61016IND1 -    Thomas E Kuhlman
Individual StudyPHYS597TF63917IND1 -    Thomas Faulkner
Individual StudyPHYS597THN62714IND1 -    Thanh Huong Nguyen
Individual StudyPHYS597TJH25235IND1 -    Taekjip Ha
Individual StudyPHYS597TJM25231IND1 -    Todd J Martinez
Individual StudyPHYS597TJS71140IND1 -    Tim Stelzer
Individual StudyPHYS597TLH59297IND1 -    Taylor L Hughes
Individual StudyPHYS597TLU60706IND1 -    Ting Lu
Individual StudyPHYS597TML25019IND1 -    Tony M Liss
Individual StudyPHYS597VIS25091IND1 -    Smitha Vishveshwara
Individual StudyPHYS597VL65796IND1 -    Virginia Lorenz
Individual StudyPHYS597VM65728IND1 -    Vidya Madhavan
Individual StudyPHYS597VMO63922IND1 -    Verena Ingrid Martinez Outschoorn
Individual StudyPHYS597WCC62856IND1 -     Weng Chew
Individual StudyPHYS597WPF76295IND1 -    Wolfgang Pfaff
Individual StudyPHYS597YAV76636IND1 -    Yurii Vlasov
Individual StudyPHYS597YCC25214IND1 -    Yia-Chung Chang
Individual StudyPHYS597YK72535IND1 -    Yonatan Frederick Kahn
Individual StudyPHYS597YO25146IND1 -    Yoshitsugu Oono
Individual StudyPHYS597YRC25038IND1 -    Yann Robert Chemla
Individual StudyPHYS597ZLS62416IND1 -    Zaida Ann Luthey-Schulten
Individual StudyPHYS597ZOI61954IND1 -    Zoi Rapti
Individual StudyPHYS597ZPL62414IND1 -    Zhi-Pei Liang

Official Description

Individual study in a subject not covered in course offerings may be arranged for credit by registration under this number. Course Information: May be repeated. 2 to 16 hours for full term; 1 to 8 hours for half-term. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.